thomas dambo hides six 'forgotten giants' across the danish woodland

Thomas Dambo is an artist / designer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Together with his crew Thomas makes beautiful and fun projects out of “trash” / recycled materials, which they find around the city dumpsters. By doing this he hopes to inspire people to have fun and think of trash as a resource​.

(photo ‘little tilde’ in installed in vallensbæk)
in often overlooked wooded areas on the outskirts of copenhagen, danish artist thomas dambo has installed six, oversized ‘forgotten giants’. forming an artistic, open air treasure hunt for the public to experience and enjoy, dambo’s huge wooden creatures are ‘hidden’ in rødovre, hvidovre, vallensbæk, ishøj, albertslund and høje taastrup. all six sculptures have been carefully crafted from recycled scrap wood, and have been built alongside the help of local volunteers.

‘little tilde’, ‘teddy friendly’, ‘thomas on the mountain’, ‘oscar under the bridge’, ‘hill top trine’, and ‘sleeping louis’ are hidden in ‘secret’ locations across the danish woodland. each of the six giants have been built by hand by dambo and a team of volunteers, who sourced scrap wood from local fallen trees and broken down buildings. completely unique, the enormous figures can each be engaged and interacted with, like ‘little tilde’ who hides 28 birdhouses inside its belly, and ‘sleeping louis’, whose gaping mouth can be entered and played within.

Here's Teddy Friendly:

Here's Thomas on the Mountain below, who can be found in Copenhagen.

Below, ‘oscar under the bridge’ is installed in ishøj.

Don't these just make you smile? And all are made from recycled wood.

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Woah, these are great to see! Such a cool idea