This Tattoo Parlor Is Paying For People To Remove Their Racist Ink

Millions of people have learned to live with a bad tattoo. But what if your ink made you a pariah to the entire world and there was nothing you could do about it?Dave Cutlip works on a client. All photos courtesy Southside Tattoo.)

Dave Cutlip has made a good living inking beautiful works of art on people’s bodies from his shop Southside Tattoo outside Baltimore. But now he’s building a different kind of legacy: helping people remove or cover up tattoos they should never have gotten in the first place.

before and after photos

For some, it reflects a time in their past they’ve moved on from. For others, it’s a haunting reminder of survival, when getting a swastika inked onto your skin in prison could mean the difference between life and death.

“It started because someone came in and asked me to remove gang tattoos from their face,” Cutlip tells GOOD. “I could see the hurt. But to be honest, I couldn’t help them.”


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