The 15 Most Peaceful Countries in the World – In Honor of International Peace Day

The world’s most peaceful country has held the title since 2008September 21st is celebrated around the world as International Peace Day. Amidst a turbulent year of conflict and rising international tensions, today marks a time when people across all nations can come together

in support of humanity’s ultimate goal.

Each year, countries are ranked on the Global Peace Index (GPI), a composite measure of peacefulness according to the levels of safety and security in their society, involvement in conflict at home and abroad, and their degree of militarization.

In honor of International Peace Day, here are the top 15 most peaceful countries, according to the GPI.

15. Hungary

This central European country climbed five spots since its ranking of number 20 last year. Perhaps best known by its frequently-backpacked capital of Budapest, Hungary can boast that it is one of the safest countries in the region for tourists to visit. Since 2005, the country has seen a sharp rise in their population’s perception of public safety, including an almost 10% rise in public trust towards police.

14. Norway

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