Stop The Pity

It’s time for us to start viewing people in the developing world for who they really are instead of the stereotypes we’ve been trained to accept. IT’S TIME TO STOP THE PITY AND UNLOCK THE POTENTIAL!

At MAMA HOPE, our core belief is that we are ALL more similar than we are different- and by embracing these similarities we can build a global family. The single story narrative of poverty that has overwhelmed Western media and nonprofit marketing has created an “us vs. them” narrative that only emphasizes our differences: rich vs. poor, developed vs. undeveloped, educated vs. ignorant, happy vs. unhappy and haves vs. have-nots.

We’ve pledged to tell a different story about our community partners. We tell stories that highlight love instead of fear, laughter instead of tears, connection instead of distrust, power instead of weakness, vision instead of suffering and potential instead of pity. Our goal is to enhance the agency and amplify the voices of communities around the world.

This means our language is different from other organizations: you won’t hear us talk about poverty alleviation or the third-world— we all live in one world, and we believe we if we work together we will all thrive.

We want you to join us in taking a stand and making a commitment to embracing the dynamic, sometimes messy, nature of life and the human condition — because in doing so, we will all find the path to live a life of purpose. When we are able to STOP THE PITY — we find that we UNLOCK THE POTENTIAL within ourselves and everyone we touch.

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Yeah the best thing to stand up for