Self-deployable building assembles itself

Architect-designed structure unfurls into a 690 square foot building in minutes, with no labor and no power.

Construction innovations are already bringing us designs for flat-pack stores, prefabricated homes and modular buildings. Now a United Kingdom-based company, Ten Fold Engineering has developed a modular building that self-deploys in under 10 minutes. Each of the structures offer 689 square feet of space and 706 cubic feet of storage and can be transported to almost any site by a standard truck. The buildings are ready to use and the only tool needed to complete the set-up is a hand-held battery drill.

The structures were designed by British architect David Martin, founder and CEO of Ten Fold, and are constructed using a low-tech counter-balanced folding assembly, which unfurls with no input of power to around three-times their shipping size. The units can be stacked on top of each other, and can be deployed on sloped or uneven ground with no foundation, allowing land that would otherwise sit idle be put to use. They can easily be customised to be used as emergency housing or medical clinics, beach houses, offices, shops – almost anything. When it’s time to move on, the structures will furl back up, ready to be transported to the next location. Ten Fold is also developing unfurling solar panels to generate power for the structures. The units start at around 129,000 USD.


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The question then would be- what about the furnishings inside? @Jack16


I wonder where we will go from here. Do you believe that they will be able to use technology in order to advance to larger buildings, thus creating ways to store houses/areas if someone is out of town?