Our magic "Day of the Dead" in Mexico

What we experienced during the 'Day of the Dead' in Mexico's small village Pomuch...

We, the Pegasus Family, were invited to witness the Mexican 'Day of the Dead', el 'Dia de los Muertos', in the small village of Pomuch.

We were stunned by the tenderness and the naturalness with which the Pomuchians cleaned bones, served ice cold beer and prepared elaborate meals on the altars. Gazed, with eyes wide open at the fresh beds they prepared for their ancestors, beloved ones, children. All for the Dead...

Our daughter Bonnie made friends at a school event, at which all classes presented their altars and then she even joined the parade late at night, being a ‚Catarina’ – skeleton’s make-up and traditional dress inclusive.

Traveling this planet to inspire people, the Pegasus Family has a sole mission: to re-unite us humans with our brothers & sisters, all life on this planet. Animals, plants, the Dead, even rocks and water.

Speaker: Nico Buitrago

Facebook: The Pegasus Family

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