New Culinary School in Haiti!

Last month, World Central Kitchen began classes at its brand new culinary school in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.

This facility was completed over this past year thanks to the tireless efforts of WCK board member Jean Marc DeMatteis (of DCG Haiti) and Jose Miller (of Innovation DR), and will provide expert chef training to 40 students per year with state of the art equipment.

World Central Kitchen’s Culinary School already has a strong track record of graduating chefs with the technical skills they need to succeed in any kitchen. 100% of our students are placed in internships in top restaurants in Port-Au-Prince following graduation, and over 60% receive jobs upon completion of their internship.

Because of World Central Kitchen’s investment, young adults in Haiti are able to find lasting employment in Haiti’s growing hospitality industry, and increase their lifetime earnings by an average of 500%.

“We are so happy to have a new facility to train these talented students,” Chef Mi-Sol Chevallier, the school’s Culinary Director, said. “They are so passionate about learning, and now they will be able to perfect their art.”

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Such a wonderful organization! Bravo to Jose Andres and his team!