How to Meet Required Word Count of Your Essay?

Tips to meet the required word count in essay writing

Most of the students don’t like to work on extended assignment especially when the topic has limited aspects to discuss. The biggest problem that majority of the writers face is to meet required word count that, sometimes, seems impossible to achieve. How would you feel when many hours of hard-work turn out to be a total disappointment because you are simply missing some word-count that is a compulsory requirement? Of course, you would feel so bad about it. But it does not mean you have no way to get out of it. Sure there are various simple ways to walk through this complicated problem.

How to Increase Word Count?

Sometimes, the problem is resolved simply by making few sentences longer but it does not always work. While you are trying to reach the required word-count after finishing your assignment, you must make sure that it does not disturb the overall structure, concept and arguments of your paper.

  • Get a Second Pair of Eyes

When you spend many hours in writing your paper, you are already too tired and if you have to spend extra hours, it is not going to be easy for you. The best way to resolve this issue is to get a second part of eyes. Yes, you better request one of your friends or
family members to go through the paper thoroughly and find out the points which are still missing explanation, supporting arguments and examples. You can later work as per their suggestions.

  • Further Explain Arguments

If you have time before submission, you can further explain your arguments spreading throughout the paper. Though, you will have to review entire paper, it is still worth to spend time because in this way, you will be able to find the points which need further explanation. Sometimes, you couldn’t go deeper into some of the points but later when you reread them, you realize that there are still some things to talk about. For example, if you have simply finished a paragraph by adding a reference, you better discuss it rather than putting a mere link. You can add one or more supporting opinions to make your arguments even stronger.

  • Supplementary Sources of Information

You can do a little more research to find supplementary sources of information for your points of discussion as well as conclusion. If you don’t have time to do additional research, you can simply spend time in explaining already discussed points as mentioned
above. On contrary, it is better to dig out additional sources because your readers would definitely like to get access to as much resources and references as possible. This is one of the most effective way to increase the length of your reading material.

  • Don’t Hesitate to Include Opposite Opinion

While you are writing, you don’t have to write only in favor of your arguments but you can also include opposite points. In fact, in this way you don’t just increase word-count but also enhance authenticity of your paper because your readers will believe in your opinions more than the usual when they read opposite arguments in your writing. The opposite arguments can be put in any paragraph throughout the paper but it is better to put them right after the introduction so later you can counter these with positive points. Different points of views can be included but make sure to stay on your main topic theme so you don’t have to work too hard to bring it back in your favor.

  • Include Additional Examples if Available

While reviewing your paper, you will certainly find the places where you have already given some of the examples to make your points stronger. However, you can still give additional examples if available. If truth be told, giving additional examples will leave
good impression over your readers and they will take it as a positive sign of your confident and depth of knowledge that you own. Ultimately, you can effectively increase word count without letting your users know that you have made some additions in original paper.

  • Take a Short Break before Reviewing

As you have already spent many hours, you can’t concentrate on your work because your mind may not be able to work efficiently. Additionally, if you get yourself into writer’s block, this would be even a bigger problem so it is better to take a short break and do something different before you sit back again and find out where you can put additional word-count. Experts of essay writing uk say “when you get tired, do anything but writing like you can take a short walk or watch a good movie or even take some sleep. Hopefully, taking a short break will enable your mind to think of some new ideas.

Final Words

Increasing word count should not be a difficult task but it would certainly take time especially when you have to consider original content that should not be changed while you are trying to add additional words. The additional information must not look like
something recently added but it should seem to be part of the original paper. Therefore, you must use additional arguments, examples, opposite views as well as quotations very wisely.

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