How To Keep Yourself Focused During Lectures?

How To Keep Yourself Focused During Lectures?

Yawning, doodling or secretly texting are the common scenes in a law lecture or a history class. The soporific effect emanating from your professor’s words becomes so powerful sometimes that visions and dreams start coming uninvited, sending you into the deep valley of deep sleep. You wake up at the end of the lecture (or sometimes awaken untimely and unceremoniously by your professor when you were about to exchange rings with the princess!) to find that you had lost most of the lesson and made no notes at all.

Now, you are dependent fully on the books and your friends to lend you a helping hand for getting through your essay project, who would sometimes give you the cold shoulder and you are left with only one option to avail i.e. hire the professional services of some good Essay Writing Service UK. It is a good and affordable option you can fall back on in times of need and emergency, but a better thing would be that you also keep attention. Below are some handy points, you can memories on your finger-tips to keep your attention focused while in a lecture that sounds more like the drones buzzing outside the window (wink!)

Before the Class

· A good night’s sleep is not worth anything else at all. It is a blessing from Mother Nature and you should make the most of it by having an undisturbed, continuous and peaceful night rest.

· Eating healthy breakfast is extremely important for maintaining physical and mental capabilities. Missing out on the breakfast means you are doing disservice to your own body and eventually your career.

· Taking shower before attending the class has multiple benefits in the form of calm state of mind, cool body temperature and cozy feeling; necessary to have a good learning session.

Just before the Class

· Choose a place where it is easier for you to catch what is going on during the lecture and follow the course of the lesson. Some people sit right at the front, others prefer sitting in the middle, but no one should deliberately sit at the back when a learning session is going on for obvious reasons.

· Avoid sitting with a chatter-box and still better to avoid making friends with them.

· Keep your mobile phone switched off or on silent mode. Although it is needless to say since everybody knows it, but just for the sake of emphasis; you had better not come to the lecture at all if there were some business that you had to deal with over the phone.

During the Class

· Your white-board or the screen in front of you should be the only thing you care about during a lecture. Think of it like cinema screen where everything goes dark and to the background because you are only interested in the movie. You will have to take the first step into interest-building, the rest will follow suit.

· Make eye-contact with your course instructor and try to grasp the objective of your lecture. Sometimes the lecturers are gracious enough to explain the objective of their topic, other times they take it for granted that you know what they are moving towards since a particular topic is already under discussion from the previous lessons.

· Taking notes in a summarized and organized fashion is very important because it works like an entry register for your brain to log important concepts and key ideas. It is easy to make links between the topics or sub-topics covered during the lecture when you have a second look at your notes.

After the Class

When the lecture is concluded, you should clarify any points or questions that emerged in your mind but were left unanswered. Discuss the problems with your fellow students and then go to your professor if there are still some confusion. Remember Albert Einstein when you are made fun of for sticking with a problem; “It is not that I’m so smart, but I stay with the questions much longer.”