How International Work Experience Can Advance Your Career

If you ever get the chance to travel internationally, don’t think about it twice. Just do it!

International experiences open new perspectives for each one of us. Exploring new places and meeting new people makes us understand how unique we all are. There is no definite conclusion to a problem, as well as there is no definite solution to it. Everything is subjective, and we are all allowed to have our own perceptions of the world.

Luna Savory, freelance writer at CareersBooster says, “My traveling experience has changed my view of the world. At first, I thought I was the only one trying to save the planet. After meeting so many new people, I realized there are so many other persons having similar interests with mine. An international experience cannot be comparable with anything honestly.”

Growing up in the same environment makes getting out of our comfort zone challenging. Our fears prevent us from doing it. Accumulating international experience is an amazingly fulfilling process, but it might come out as a cultural shock to many. Worldwide, cultures differ in an unexplainable way, and we might take some time to adapt.

So, let’s explore your options and see how an international experience can affect your career. Take a look at the following list of factors to know what to expect. Good luck in your international travels!

1. Learning a New Language

Whether you are planning to study abroad or just couchsurf, you are probably going to interact with people speaking different languages . Take this opportunity to learn new words. Maybe you will be able to have at least a basic knowledge of the language by the time you leave the country. This will strengthen your language skills, and will certainly add something valuable to your resume.

Fluency in another language is going to be highly appreciated by your employer. It not only proves stunning comprehension skills, but it shows the company how willing you are to learn something new. Also, it might help you resettle your location if you get tired of your usual office.

2. Try Something New

By traveling across the borders, you will understand how international organisations work. Having this experience will enhance your chances of being hired. By working internationally and comprehending global markets, you are going to prove your employers how culturally knowledgeable you are. You will bring something new to the table that other prospective candidates might not be able to offer. That will make you stand out of the crowd, and get the job that you want.

But it is not only about being hired. Really. It is about experiencing the new, enjoying special conversations, and understanding other cultures. It is about becoming a well-rounded person with a wide range of knowledge.

3. Expand Your Network

Think about how many networking opportunities you have when you go abroad! You will meet so many new people from different parts of the world, and you will learn new customs. This is great for your career, since you are going to understand other people’s thinking better than others. That means that you will be a better communicator than they are. You are going to have much more knowledge, and therefore, a better understanding of their traditions. And hey! Getting business cards is so much easier when you truly understand the person you talk to.

4. Self-development

When you travel internationally, the experiences you go through make you wiser. They bring in a lot of introspection, and that adds to your quick self-development. Adapting to the new will be easier for you, and your expectations of the people around you will decrease. And no expectations means no disappointments, right?

As I’ve mentioned before, getting out of your comfort zone is also part of the process. You will feel more appreciated, and more confident on your abilities. You employers are going to value this in you, and perceive you differently – a good different, of course.

5. Increased Efficiency in Problem-Solving

Imagine living in a completely new environment, between completely new people. You are entirely on your own – so you must deal with your own problems efficiently. There is no friend to talk to anymore, no parent you can have dinner with, no brother you can complain to. It’s true that Skype exists, but then again, it feels different when the person is not physically there.

What does that mean? Increased efficiency in problem-solving. Why? Because you get used to dealing with your own stuff, and you stop expecting people to help you. How is this impactful? The above qualities are extremely valuable for any employer. Having an independent problem-solver is a great asset to the company.

Wrapping Up

If you ever get the chance to travel internationally, don’t think about it twice. Just do it. It is going to be a lot of fun, and an amazing experience. You are going to be so changed and matured after returning. The new culture, food, people, environment will transform your perception of the world. So how about booking a ticket now?