H&M Is Making Clothes Out of Discarded Orange Peels and Pineapple Leaves

And, no, the clothes won’t rot.

Photo by Kaitlyn Chow on Unsplash

You’ll be able to buy clothes made from pineapple leaves, orange peels, and algae by walking into select H&M stores starting April 11.

No, the clothes won’t rot on your body — in fact, they represent the company’s growing shift toward sustainability, according to Vogue.

For the brand’s ninth Conscious Exclusive line, it’s partnering with three companies that make clothing materials from organic materials that would otherwise go to waste.

Piñatex makes a vegan leather alternative out of pineapple leaves that would otherwise be thrown away. Orange Fiber makes a silk alternative out of orange peels that similarly get tossed after the fruit is pulped. And BLOOM Foam makes a foam for shoe soles out of algae biomass that helps to control harmful algae blooms.  

“I’ve actually always been a fan of H&M's Conscious collection because it’s a really cool way for them to promote these sustainable products and test them out,” Alden Wicker, a journalist who writes about sustainable fashion, told Global Citizen. “They’ve taken some of the things that they’ve tested in the past and used them across the rest of their lines later, like organic cotton or recycled polyester.


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