Adidas Is Making Even More Clothes From Recycled Ocean Plastic!

Your whole wardrobe could soon be made out of recycled ocean plastic.

photo-Adidas / Parley x Adidas Outdoor Voyager Hoodie

What began as a novelty is fast becoming a commercial success story, as Adidas expands its line of products made from recycled ocean plastic, according to Business Insider.

Working with the environmental nonprofit Parley for the Oceans, the sportswear giant is using fibers created from items recovered from the oceans (such as plastic nets, bags, and bottles) to create shoes and garments.

It’s part of the brand’s larger strategy of eliminating virgin plastic from its supply chain.

To that end, the brand has replaced plastic bags with paper in all of its stores. In 2017, the company avoided 70 million plastic bags, Business Insider reports.

The brand launched its ocean plastic line with a pair of running sneakers that sold 1 million pairs in 2016. Since then, the brand has made a series of sports and lifestyle products.

Now the brand is making outdoor gear, according to Business Insider, bringing the total number of its ocean plastic products to 97.