6 Things Only Writers Understand About the Writing Life

Many people romanticize writing just like any other creative job. They might think the writers usually go to Starbucks or to another coffee shop and spend most of their day there, lazily observing people and making a couple of notes for an upcoming story.

Unlucky for you, even if you aren’t one of those people, you probably still have to deal with these stereotypes. Or maybe you’re the one projecting these stereotypes on writers you know?

Anyway, now you can use this article to enlighten people around about what professional writing really is. Of course, the working conditions still differ for every professional: for example, some book writers might find some of those things not-relatable. However, for many writers the reality looks like that:

1. There’s no such thing as a writer’s block.

Yes, sometimes we all struggle with our writing. It could be hard to put all our thoughts together if you are sick, tired, or just been writing for the past couple of hours non-stop. However, for many professional writers, that’s not the reason to quit – that’s just the reason to have some rest and then continue working.

People talking about writer’s block are the ones who think that you can write only when an inspiration strikes. But professional writers aren’t always able to afford doing so. They have deadlines they have to meet and work that has to be done no matter what. So no, no writer’s block for us.

2. Writing does cost money.

And only you can decide how much does your work costs. Some people think that writing is something “anyone can do”, therefore offering you ridiculously small amount of money or asking you to work for free.

Actually, it takes years of practice and learning to be able to create argumentative essay topics that sell. It takes a lot of research to deliver an article on a complex topic. And surely it takes the time to write one – so no writer would react well if you try to devaluate their work.

3. Writing also means that you’re working.

That’s a problem many freelancers face: when they work at home, people around them might think they are doing nothing. This leads to some frustrating requests: for example, to do house chores or to drive somewhere during your working hours.

However, writing is one of those professions that require good concentration, which makes it even harder. When a writer is distracted with a question or request, it could be hard for them to remember what were they going to write next. So please treat writer’s work with respect and don’t disturb them during their work hours.

4. Writer’s profession is not a hobby.

Sometimes people get just too enthusiastic when they hear you’re a writer. They tell you how they like to write too, talk about their inspiration for writing, and so on. However, writing is not something we simply “like” – that’s our way to earn a living, so our vision of the process might differ a lot from theirs.

5. Not all writers can write literally anything.

There are people who write books. There are people who blog. There are people who create ad texts, slogans, copies that sell, and so on. There are people, who offer all kinds of paper writing services.

While some writers are able to write a book in their free time and run a blog during work hours, that’s not a default skill – that’s just something they like doing. Many writers have their own specializations and are experienced in one or two specific areas. That’s why asking your writing friend for help with your essay simply because you know they write ad slogans might not be a good idea.

6. Writers can earn money doing what they love.

It is surprising but some people still believe that you are unable to make decent money on blog or book writing, for example, Sure, not everyone does make them – it requires a lot of work, a bit of luck, and a true passion for writing. But it’s completely normal to succeed by doing what you love if you invest a lot of time and efforts into that.

Obviously, different people react to such stereotypes and misconceptions differently. Some will calmly explain to you why you are mistaken, while some might get offended (especially if they hear things like that a lot). However, many other jobs do have their own stereotypes too, so it’s not like a completely uncommon thing. People are allowed to make mistakes when they don’t know the details of your work well – but hopefully, explanations and talks would help them get over these stereotypes and see your work differently.

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You’ve let the cat out of the bag now! The rest of the world knows what only us writers once knew.

"There’s no such thing as a writer’s block." - This could be a complete article! It’s completely true and if you lack ideas then having a list of “emergency articles” ready for that occasion is crucial.


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