Whose mission inspires you?

An annual survey asks people about how inspired they are by the missions of big companies (Amazon, Facebook), nonprofits

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(the Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders), and even social movements like the Women’s March. What can we learn from their answers?

In the new ranking of American brands, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital is first, and Apple is number 68. The #MeToo movement ranks higher than Chipotle. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation edges out YouTube.

The ranking, called the World Value Index, looks at 200 major brands–companies, nonprofits, and a handful of recent social movements that have come to be identified as brands–and studies how well their purpose or mission succeeds in inspiring consumers. (The list doesn’t claim that the brands are having a positive social impact–some, like the KKK, obviously aren’t. But it assesses which most resonate with consumers.)

“The 20th-century model was for brands to just sell things to people–buy paid media, interrupt people’s days, and implant a purchase intent in them,” says Sebastian Buck, cofounder of Enso, the creative agency that created the report, working with the polling and research firm Quadrant Strategies to survey 6,000 consumers about their impressions of each brand. “Whereas in the 21st century, the great brands will inspire people around something bigger than just consumption and will actually inspire people around the mission, the purpose that the brand stands for.”

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