What you Need to Get your Business to the Public's Eye

Advertising tips to get more customers

6 Brand Awareness Strategies that Actually Work

Your business needs a solid brand exposure plan for it to succeed. A good strategy will allow you to gain the trust of the public and expand your market. But how do you come up with an effective plan?

1. Take Advantage of Social Media

The effective use of social media platforms by businesses is rare. Most business owners think that creating a profile and adding pictures and information about the firm is all it takes. Unfortunately, that is far from the truth.

Social media platforms are for continuous interactions. Businesses that only post once or twice per month don’t get any attention. If you want the public to notice your brand, you have to be active on social media platforms. Engage the audience and answer their questions.

2. Your Brand should be Visible

You are never going to get noticed if you don’t make an effort to show people that you exist. You can start by making sure that your brand’s name and logo are on every product related to the company. Print your logo on office shirts, mugs, pens, and anything visible to the customer.

You can go the extra mile and custom design the office pens and mugs. Let them have a unique and attractive design with the company logo printed on it. As a tip, get yourself a good trademark attorney to shield your company from intellectual property theft. A competitor may try to steal your item design to get more clients.

Nowadays, it’s not always about making money. Consumers want to be associated with a business that gives back to the community. The best way for your business to give back to the people is to sponsor an event.

You could sponsor a charity run to help those with serious health conditions or fund a small sport’s tournament for the children. Such events are great venues for increasing your firm’s exposure because they have huge turnouts. Alternatively, you could partner with another firm that shares the same values as you and sponsor the event together.

4. Think Outside the Box

Another great way to build your business presence in the public’s eye is to be creative. Here you need to know your target customers well. Why do they love your products? Do they associate your products with anything?

After you’ve determined what your clients love about your products, you can create a pitch that taps into their innermost needs and wants. For example, you can create a website where anyone can post pictures of themselves using your brand. Then, let the users vote for the best picture. Whoever wins gets a special reward.

5. Organize an Open Day

If you want your customers to relate with you, you have to be transparent with them. Organize an open day for one weekend to showcase your products and what you do. You can send the invites for the open day through mail to create a sense of exclusivity.

Customers love to be among the chosen few. Such a strategy will make the customers feel a specific attachment towards the brand. During the open day, show the attendees around and allow them to ask you questions. Let your staff interact with them and build a rapport.

6. Engage with Influencers

In the past, if you wanted to connect with your customers, you had to pay celebrities to promote your brand. These days, there are social media stars or influencers that you can pay to increase the awareness of your product. Most of them post regular pictures and videos of themselves; therefore, they are closer to the audience.

What makes influencers more reliable is the fact that they tend to focus on a specific niche. That means that you can easily reach an audience that’s interested in your product.

You cannot make sales if people don’t know your brand. Therefore, you need good strategies to make more people aware of your products. Show people that you care about them, and they will buy from you.