What Does it Take to Be Brilliant?

What is Shift Your Brilliance? It is when a person decides to flip the script. It is when a person decides to unleash their inner salmon and swim upstream against popular opinion. It’s when you walk the other way and take control of your inner steering wheel.

Simon T. Bailey is the CEO of Simon T. Bailey International, a premium education company specializing in creating learning and development content for individuals and organizations. Simon derives great joy by sharing and inspiring men and women with a simple transformational framework and the tools needed to create a purposeful life and a meaningful and profitable business.

Simon delivers tangible takeaways that are easy to implement and produce sustainable results. He connects with any audience – on many levels – with a relevant message that resonates beyond the stage. Simon serves as a guide and catalyst, challenging people to shift and create their future. With his wisdom and expertise, an Orlando-based healthcare system was able to be acquired and a division of a hospitality company was ranked No. 1 for customer service by Expedia.com.

Simon is one of America’s top 10 most-booked corporate and association speakers on Change, Leadership, and Customer Experience. He has worked with over 1,500 organizations and has impacted more than 2 million people through his presentations and seminars in 45 countries worldwide. As a Hall of Fame keynote speaker, executive adviser, and author, he addresses more than 100,000 people each year. Some of his clients include AT&T, IBM, MasterCard, Microsoft, and Toyota.

Interview with Simon T. Bailey, author of Shift Your Brilliance

What is Shift Your Brilliance? It is when a person decides to flip the script. It is when a person decides to unleash their inner salmon and swim upstream against popular opinion. It’s when you walk the other way and take control of your inner steering wheel.

You finally realize that life is not a remote control, but you can change the channel on your tell-a-vision. This is the essence of Shift Your Brilliance in a nutshell. That’s your Vuja de Moment, when you realize that you are creating your future every day in every way.

What was the tipping point in your life and business? One day while working at the Walt Disney World Resort, I received a call from a journalist. Whenever you work at Disney, Mickey Mouse rule #1 is that you never talk to the media unless authorized. Well, I wasn’t authorized and decided to do the interview. He said to me, where do you see yourself 10-15 years from now. I said that I see myself as the president and CEO of the Walt Disney World Resort and eventually, Chairman and CEO of the company. Well, he put this in print and it became the beginning of the end for my career at Disney. That was my tipping point when I decided that it was in my best interest to leave Disney and venture out on my own.

What is the first step in “seeing differently?” We have a tendency to behave as creatures of habit, captive to a sameness that causes individuals and businesses alike to be stuck in neutral while the rest of the world is passing by and waving as they drive into a more hopeful future. To shift our perspective, we need to open our eyes and take a few risks. We need see differently.

Here are three simple steps:

•    Look back: Use your rearview mirror to honor the past. 
•    Look sideways: Use you side view mirrors to alter your perspective and look askance. 
•    Look forward: Use your wide-open windshield to envision the future. 

How to overcome rejections in life and business?

Anyone that rejects you, I suggest that you bless the decision-makers with positive words. Whoever has rejected you this year or in times past, bless them and wish them the best. Send positive vibes their way. You don’t need the negative energy you’d otherwise incur, and there is simply too much work to do now.

To all of those who de-friended you on Facebook. Bless them and wish them a brilliant future.

Say thank you to all those who stop following you on Twitter. Bless them, too, and wish them a brilliant future.

Thank you to those didn’t do business with you. Those who rejected your pricing, your proposal, and your value. Be so grateful and thankful that they found their happiness elsewhere.

Bless all of those who didn’t return your call, who ignored your e-mail, deleted your text, or didn’t post a comment on your blog. Bless the company that didn’t hire you and wish them a brilliant future.

Bless the boss who gave you a less than stellar review. It won’t change her, but it will change how you choose to see her.

Thank you, Rejection, because you are an amazing teacher who invites us to look within and decide how we will soar to the next level. My friend Willie Jolley says that “a setback is a setup for a comeback.” Boom! There it is. That’s how you overcome rejection.

How can others learn Quantum Mind Mechanics?

It’s simple, painless and takes minutes to a few hours.

As we focus on our problem, we reinforce and expand the mindware program that reinforces that problem in our lives. The more we focus, the more power that problem has over our lives. That’s how our minds works. Whatever we focus on and expect is what our unconscious mind thinks we want. So it creates a program to deliver just that to us. Focus on the problem, and you get more of the problem.

Decide what you want and before you head hits the pillow at night, decide what you want and submit that thought to your spirit. Go to sleep and wake up the next day and watch what happens. All of a sudden, you will begin to notice what you are desiring all around you.

What is my source of inspiration? I received this e-mail a few days ago and it’s my inspiration to keep going no matter what any says.

I read your book, shift your brilliance. I live in Germany. And I don't know if you know about our system here. School / education / career system. It's kinda different from others and hard to break through if you planning on doing else than the system is telling you.

Anyways, I found your book in a book store at the Denver airport, as I was going home to Germany after I spent one whole year in the US. I was looking for those kinda books because i felt this fear, this fear of the system. I learned in the US that I can go whatever way I want to go in my life. But I knew, as soon as I am back in Germany by my family and friends with this different mindset that I had gotten, I might get back to this mindset again and lose the passion for just going the way I want to go, even other people want to outtalk me from those.

I read your book shift your brilliance on the plane. It explained what I was feeling the whole time. But I myself couldn’t find the words for it. With your words I try to explain my way of thinking to my family.

Your book helped me a lot in different ways! Thank you Simon.

Simon T. Bailey, author of Shift Your Brilliance. Visit www.simontbailey.com to find out more.

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