Using Advertising to Grow Your Business

Advice for growing your business and sales.

Advertising can sometimes be a necessary evil, but who said it had to be evil? Advertisements, just like any other interface element, make up a user experience. A user experience is made good or bad based on how you meet user needs. So, what are the top seven marketing strategies that you should focus on in 2020? Here are strategies that you need to be focusing on to get amazing results, attract more clients and generate more income.

Prioritize the Real Estate on Your Site

This doesn't mean putting a giant advertisement on the front page. If you do things like that, like interrupt content in the middle of the page with an advertisement, it might put forward the message that the company values profits over the user. You want the user to feel confident that they're in the right place, and that the company has their best interests at heart. Teach employees in customer service to focus on the people and not profit.

Don't Delay the Delivery of Content

Users have come to your site to accomplish a task. Don't get in the way of that task. The user is going to know -- even if you have some type of gateway advertisement that says, "Click here in order to access content". Either way, you're adding an extra step in the process, and users are going to see right through that. So instead, just put your content in a place where users expect it: off into the right rail, or add to the footer when the user has already engaged with content and now has the opportunity to look into more interesting and related content.

Upsell Opportunities

This is where you take your business's current CRM and lead database and identify opportunities to upsell to current customers. Take a look at who has currently bought from you and who is in your customer database. People who have already bought from someone are more likely to buy again than a brand new lead.

Identify current customers within your database and look at upsell opportunities. This means upselling them or cross selling them to products that they haven't yet bought. But because you already have a relationship with the customer, you can almost immediately generate some return and some revenue going straight into 2020. Look at who's bought previously, generate a CSV list or an Excel list, and get your sales team or email marketing campaign to push products to those current customers, reminding them that you're still here.

Limit Any Unwelcome Surprises

Sometimes, the designers, in an effort to do something creative for law firm SEO services, will do something unconventional, maybe something avante garde or cutting edge; something that nobody else is doing. While that definitely might win some design awards, it won't always go well with users. When users come to a site, they're looking for answers to their questions. And if they see something that's unexpected or jarring, something out of context, they're not going to necessarily want to proceed further. They might look for another company to do their business. Instead, don't reinvent the wheel. Stick to conventions and strategies that are backed by data.

Don't Compete With the Primary Content

If your user is reading an article on your website, and they get to the bottom of your website, you can pretty much guarantee the user is interested in this content. So, what would make more sense? Giving the user an ad for a bag they shopped for maybe a week ago? Or show them an advertisement for something related to what they're reading right now? Give the user something they can act on. That would be a lot more effective.

Be Polite

You wouldn't want to barge into somebody's dinner with a prepared speech and interrupt what everyone is doing just so you can say what you need to say. Instead, just let your guests, or in this case, your users, continue to browse the site and get some value. And when they're ready, they'll take a look, and hopefully engage with your ads. So when you're considering different advertising strategies, use these tips, and see if they can help you make a better user experience.