Top 5 Most Popular Investments among Consumers in 2019

Here is a look into the trending investments of 2019 among consumers.

Of course, everyone has resolutions for a new year. Your goal could be to take better care of your health or exercise more often than in the previous years. Your New Year resolution could also be to spend more time with your family or perhaps focus on their wellness and nothing else. You could also be feeling that 2019 is the perfect year that you should start investing for your future. Maybe it is time to put your money elsewhere after investing millions of dollars in a high-interest savings account. However, the questions that tend to plague both pro and amateur investors is where to spend their money. Though no investment is guaranteed, these are some of the investment options that appear favorite among consumers in 2019.

Stock Market

Anyone keen with the latest stock market turns and twists has most likely heard rumors that a change is about to happen. Anyone with a long time before their retirement and is interested in investing for their future should not worry about any adverse shift that might hit the stock market. Financial advisors urge consumers interested in investing in the stock market to develop an investment philosophy that can guide them and keep them focused whenever emotions get in their investment options. Investing in the stock market can be a lucrative option that allows consumers to reduce their taxable income through a traditional IRA. The U.S. government has even upped the dollars that a consumer can invest in their 401(k) accounts and across all their traditional Roth IRAs.

Peer-to-Peer Lending

Peer-to-peer lending is one of the best places for consumers to invest their surplus funds. Online peer-to-peer lending platforms let consumer loan organizations or individuals like financial institutions do, and then receive interest in return. Though returns for peer-to-peer lending can vary depending on how risky an investment is, it can be up to 6% or more. However, anyone worried about that an anonymous individual or organization might ghost them after lending them money should never try peer-to-peer lending. However, some peer-to-peer lending platforms let investors spread their investment over thousands of loans in increments. That helps eliminate doubt that an anonymous person might fail to pay back their loan.

Real Estate

As with stock market and peer-to-peer lending, many financial experts believe that property investments are in a bubble across many U.S. states. Prices for real estate projects continue to rise and aren’t expected to stabilize or drop any time soon. Real estate investors seem not worried about the trend because they know people will still need somewhere to live even if the value of houses and land continues to rise. Consequently, real estate investors are equipping their property with new, unique kitchen and custom pools Montgomery to add value to their investments in the ever-competitive marketplace.

Career Investment

Your career is one thing you have control over no matter what happens to other investment options. Career investment will stand the test of time no matter what will happen in the economy now and in the future. Experts encourage professionals to invest in their career as that is the only way they can ensure a steady flow of income over their lifetime.


Also known as exchange-traded funds, ETFs have witnessed a dramatic rise in popularity over the past few years. An ETF refers to a basket of securities that an investor can invest in just like individual bonds on a stock market. However, ETFs differ a little from individual stocks as they are designed to help investors track an underlying index. Like mutual funds, the structure of ETFs come with a fund holding approach, meaning that they have several holding options. However, each ETF is targeted for a specific category, asset class, and sector to allow for amateur investors to cash in on them. Though the price of utilities ETFs might have been down in the past few years, their sustained and steady growth in 2019 promises a greater future.