The Job Market: Then and Now

Over the past 15 years, there have been major changes in the workforce.

Over the past 15 years, there have been major changes in the workforce. It used to be that you didn't need a college degree to get into certain positions. Typically it was working your way into the position and showing that you could handle the position.

Today, a lot has changed. To begin with loyalty in a company. You don't see much of this going on these days. Oh, sure, there are the occasional few that do happen to stay with a company for 5 years or more. But, it doesn't always mean they are loyal to the company.

If you were to take a survey, it is sure to show, that in most cases the reason that many might be staying in certain companies is because of job security. Or another major reason could be because of benefits offered by the particular company. This is a huge plus for many people.

Let's face it, if you aren't looking for a position to become a manager of a fast food restaurant, you need some sort of degree or a lot of experience in particular areas for a company.

How Applying For A Position Has Changed

A few years back, it used to be that you could submit your resume along with references and a company would then review the resume and possibly, decide whether you were worthy enough to move to the next level. An interview.

Or you could simply place an application with the necessary information, making sure that you filled it out properly so that the potential employer could call previous jobs you've had to get information on your work ethic. Today, you don't see that happening any more.

There have been a lot of changes that have happened when it comes to applying for a position. In most cases, many businesses require that you actually submit resumes or applications online. Then for some, you have to go through a special evaluation test. If you don't pass the test, then your application is tossed to the side, so to speak.

If normal (paper) applications are still being used, the most important step that you can take is to make sure that you do fill it out completely to include as much information as possible. Don't leave anything out. This is a sign to the employer that you don't really care, you are simply applying because you have to.

Take the time to follow all steps when it comes to filling out an application be it online or good ol' paper. This will benefit you in the long run.

Today, when references from companies that you have worked for previously are called, the employer is not allowed to give information beyond the fact that you worked for them and the time frame. They can also admit whether you are rehirable.

In the past, this wasn't the case, the previous employer could give a lot of information in regards to your work ethic. This could include how many times you were written up, how often you missed work and more. Given these changes, finding a position in some ways have become a lot easier on this aspect.

The Interview Process

Many companies have actually changed the way they perform interviews. Some will actually call you and do a phone interview first. This is to see how you react to questions over the phone and what your telephone etiquette is. This is very important. If you are polite and you yes instead of yeah, or no instead of nah. Even using polite words like yes sir, no sir, etc. This will benefit you possibly to the next step.

Once you have made it to the company for the actual interview, there will be several Internal interview questions that may be asked. Here are some things that may help you. It would be a good idea to make sure you do your research and have knowledge about the company.

  1. Do you know anything about our company?

  2. How long have you been doing this type of position?

  3. Do you understand specific software or have you used it before.

  4. Do you have proper transportation?

  5. Are you a fast learner?

  6. Can you multitask?

Yes, it is true, many of these questions will be asked. It is best to be ready. It is also a good idea to dress appropriately for an interview. Even if you are going to a fast food restaurant, dress semi-professional or professional depending on the position you are attempting to get. Looking your best will impress the employer a lot better than showing up in ripped jeans and a t-shirt.