Potential Careers in the Coding World

Find out what options there are in the tech world!

In today’s technology driven world, it is a very good idea to learn to code a programming language. As a coder, the potentials are endless in the world of technology. There are so many programming languages to choose from when it comes to coding. The choices can be overwhelming. In this article, some of the best options are discussed for learning to code.


You can start learning C# programming language. The applications of C# are many. C# is nowadays used for making unity games for Android, Windows, desktop computers, Playstations, and others. C# is a fast-growing programming language. You can start by learning C programming language first and then move on to C#. It is a fun language to learn. Many coders say that learning C# is enjoyable as they get to experiment with many new things while learning the C# programming language. It is also a useful language for developing software applications. If you are wondering how to become a software engineer without a degree then C# is a great place to start. You can develop unique and compatible, modern software using C# language. C# developers make a very handsome amount of salary per year. The figures changes with the market demand but C# will be an on-demand coding language even in the upcoming years.


If you like to develop Android applications than Java is the language you should consider learning. The most common application that Java is known for is for Android mobile application development. Java has many other applications besides the development of Android apps. Java can be used in website development and in designing complex backend database and web applications. Java is becoming increasingly popular, so if you’re thinking about a career as a Java developer it is a really good time to start learning Java programming language. The demand for a good android developer is on the rise considering the growing popularity of android mobile among the people of the whole world.


There is also another programming language that is very popular for mobile application development for IOS. IOS is also a popular mobile device worldwide and compared to Android app developers the number of swift developers is very few. Swift developers earn a surprisingly large salary on average each year. Swift can be a bit harder to learn compared to Java but the opportunity to get a job is easier with swift. It's a good career choice to learn Swift coding considering the secure future it can provide you.


Javascript is one of the most popular coding languages in the world. It is used for both front end and back end website development. Javascript is a very versatile language. Many different features can be added to a website that can make the website truly dynamic. Among the many programming languages, Javascript developers are considered very talented. It is a very hard language to learn. New improvements are always added to this language. Now there are improved languages like Node JS, Angular JS, and React JS which are improvements made from Javascript language. As a language javascript is a very vast language and its application is almost in every field of technology.


It is the most in-demand language to learn now and also for the upcoming future. Many of the world's best websites are made with Python programming language. Python is believed to be one of the most crucial languages to learn for 2019 and also for the future ahead. Python is used to make websites, mobile applications, developing software, and in many other technological advancements. Now, Python is also used in Machine learning and data science which makes python a must-learn language for the future. Python developers earn a very handsome salary worldwide.