Meet Swell, A New Social Impact Investing Platform For Conscious Investors

Pacific Life’s incubator startup, Swell, has officially launched! The new social impact investing platform provides consumers the opportunity in invest in various conscious investment projects focused on six positive future categories: Green Technology, Renewable Energy, Zero Waste, Clean Water, Hea

With as little as $500, Swell is aiding consumers with opportunities to invest in platforms that aims to deliver profit as well as purpose.By identifying high-potential companies focused on innovative solutions addressing today’s biggest challenges, Swell is bringing forth results for tomorrow’s leading industries, while educating consumers on conscious investments without sacrificing returns.

“At Swell, we believe performance is about more than just profit,” says CEO Dave Fanger. “Swell is on a mission to ensure that every person can have an impact while also investing in their financial future. We’re proud to offer people a way to invest in progress, beginning today.”

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