Marketing Tips to Attract and Keep Your Customers

Utilizing marketing to improve your business

Building and managing a successful business requires more than the ability to manufacture and sell inventory that is considered high-quality by your customers. Having an innate understanding of how to properly market to your target audience is essential to attract new customers while retaining the interest of loyal shoppers who have purchased from you in the past. Implementing a few marketing tips and strategies can drastically increase your company's customer retention rate while providing you with more opportunities to generate new leads and sales.

Get to Know Your Prospective Customers

Getting to know your target customers and the demographics you want to reach is essential anytime you are developing a new marketing strategy and campaign. Understanding the age range, gender, location, and even the interests of your prospective customers is essential to crafting well-received marketing campaigns that truly resonate with those you want to reach. Understanding your target market and the consumers you want to reach is extremely beneficial when you are developing new products, sharing updates, or asking for input and advice from your current followers and loyal supporters.

Research Your Top Competitors

Spend time getting to know more about the top competitors you are facing in your industry. What type of online presence do your top competitors portray? What type of marketing campaigns are they utilizing to appeal to new users while retaining their current customer base? How are they attempting to relate to their target audience? The more familiar you become with your top competitors, the easier it is to craft highly effective marketing campaigns that truly resonate with the audience you want to reach.

Fulfill a Need

Creating boring an expressionless marketing campaigns are dull and quickly lead to ad blindness among prospective consumers. If you are not intent on fulfilling a need your customers have or delivering a want, it becomes increasingly difficult to attract and retain loyal shoppers. Creating a successful business requires the ability to fulfill a need, whether you are doing so via a local service you provide or by manufacturing a product that others deem a necessity in their everyday lives.

Use Social Media to Launch Effective Marketing Campaigns

Use social media to build onto and expand your current online following. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter, all provide a new vehicle to share and spread the message of your business and brand. Use social media to create a sense of community among your followers while connecting with those who have a genuine interest in your business and what it provides. In addition to putting social media to use to build connections with your followers, it is also possible to launch and track ad campaigns using A/B testing and services such as Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads.

Using social media to launch digital campaigns is a way to learn more about the effectiveness of your subject lines, copy, and the images you use to promote your products or services. Social media ad servers provide in-depth analytics and real-time reporting to better understand the wants and needs of your current followers and prospective customers.

Email Marketing Strategies

Email marketing is still one of the most popular and effective methods of reaching prospective customers and users online. Use email marketing to build your subscription list while offering exclusive discounts, promotional codes, and events for those who read your incoming emails loyally. Email marketing is extremely beneficial when you want an alternative method of reaching your intended audience aside from social media, PPC (pay-per-click) and SEO-centric advertisements.

Some of the groups of your subscribers to send specific emails to may include:

  • First-Time Subscribers: Users who have visited your website for the first time and subscribed to your newsletter
  • Return Visitors: Users who visit your website repeatedly but have yet to make a purchase or complete the checkout process
  • Repeat Customers: Users who have shopped with your website in the past and frequently revisit your website for the latest product releases and updates
  • Abandoned Shopping Cart: Users who have added items into their virtual shopping cart but have yet to take the necessary steps forward to complete the process
  • Birthdays/Registration Dates: Send personalized emails to users on the anniversary of their registration date as a subscriber or on their birthdays (depending on the information they have provided to you)

Create and Launch Retargeting and Remarketing Campaigns

Create and launch retargeting and remarketing campaigns once you have developed segmented email lists of your own. Retargeting and remarketing campaigns provide you with the opportunity to appeal to subscribers or loyal followers using enticing incentives, potential prizes, or even steep discounts to prevent them from seeking the products and services they are in search for elsewhere online or locally. Use retargeting and remarketing ads in an attempt to appeal to users who have visited your website in the past or those who have made purchases from you in the past but not again in recent times. Retargeting and remarketing campaigns are not only optimal to generate leads and higher return visitor rates, but they also provide valuable insight into the behavioral patterns of your online users and prospective customers.

Provide World-Class Customer Service

Providing your customers with top-notch customer service is a way to help your business stand out from your competition, even if you are working in a highly competitive niche market. If your business is known for its stellar and reputable customer service, it is much easier to attract new shoppers keeping your current customers returning shop from you again in the future.

Knowing all that is involved in attracting and retaining customers is imperative as a business owner. Whether you are selling a service to locals or if you are offering products internationally, having the ability to effectively market to your target audience and demographics is a must. With the right marketing strategies and the desire to deliver what is in demand for your customers is a surefire way to ensure you are on the right path to success in any market or industry.

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