How to Impress in a Competitive Job Interview

There are a few crucial skills that you need to know to land that job you need.

Women are starting to take over the business world. More women than men are graduating with high college degrees and over 12.3 million businesses are owned by women. That number is rising every year and women work harder than ever to make their voices heard in a “man’s world.” Luckily for the women, it looks like soon the world will be a “women’s world” instead. To get there, we need to continue to impress the businesses and jobs that we apply for so that we can hone our skills enough to either work to the top of the company or branch off and start our own businesses. Since the business world is competitive, there are several must-have skills and techniques you should use to nail every job interview you ever walk into.

Know the Questions You Will be Asked

The very first thing that you should know are the questions that you’re going to be asked in the interview. You won’t be able to know specifics, but all companies plan their hiring session from the same book, so it’s easy to plan for the general questions that will be asked. The most common thing that you will be asked is “Tell me about yourself.” Though it’s not a question, it is an opportunity to either start the interview off already impressing them, or it’s the perfect chance to show them that you’re not worth the time. To impress them off the bat, work start by working backward chronologically from the things that you’re doing now. When they say, “Tell me about yourself,” they’re not asking for your favorite color or the name of your pet. They want to know why you’re applying and what activities you participate in now that make you a stand out from the crowd.

Another commonly asked question is, “What is your weakness?” This can be a dangerous question for a lot of people. The first thing that you will want to do is try to make a strength that you have to sound like a weakness. You might say, “A weakness of mine is that I often work too hard.” That’s not a weakness, and your interviewer knows it. Instead, tell them about an honest weakness that you had and how you either overcame it. This shows them that you’re dedicated and willing to overcome the challenges in your life.

There are a lot of sites that have more of the common interview questions and how you should answer. Prepare for those questions so that when you sit down with the interviewer, you will seem confident and prepared.

Know About the Company

Before you walk into the interview, you should have done extensive research beforehand about the company that you’re applying for. Look them up on Google, blogs, their website, Glassdoor, and all other online options to figure out all you can say about them. Learn about the job that would be expected of you. Know the company’s competitors, their revenue, how many people they employ,what type of General Ledger Accounting Software they use, and how many years they’ve been around. This way, when the interviewer asks you, “Do you have any questions for us?”, you’ll be able to ask relevant questions that you couldn’t find the answers to online.

Make Them Want You

With every question that they ask you, turn it back around to them. Show them the skills that you have and why it wouldn’t benefit the company; mention other jobs that you’ve had in the past and the good that you did for that company. By the end of the interview, they should realize that they would be better off with you and without you.

With every word that you say to the interviewer, try to impress. When you’re in the job interview, you should never feel bashful, or like you’re trying to humble. There’s no one else in that room who will tell the interviewer of your accomplishments if you don’t. Let them know why they need you and then prove them right once you’re hired.