How to Choose the Best Career for Helping Others

Finding a career that you not only love but that will allow you to help others is not always easy.

For civic minded people who are passionate about helping those in need, choice of work often centers around which career will best provide the ability to help others. Fortunately, many jobs and careers that involve helping others on a day to day basis are available for job seekers with a can-do attitude and a generous mindset; many are high-paying and have a good work-life balance also. Here are just three career paths that are centered around helping people, and why they might be right for you.

1. Wild land Firefighter

With some of the biggest wildfires on record occurring in 2018, it looks as though wildland firefighters will be in big demand in 2019 and beyond. And with government and private agencies looking to recruit individuals who don't mind taking risks to help their community, the options are many for job-seekers looking for an exciting career that helps people in the bargain. The field certainly needs more professionals; in 2018, many wildland firefighters were working around the clock to contain fires in states such as California due in part to a worker shortage and drier-than-expected summers leading to intense blazes.

So what are the perks of being a wild land firefighter? For one, firefighters are able to help communities in ways that few others get the chance to by saving homes, forests, and even the lives of people and animals. For another, firefighting professionals get to spend a lot of time outdoors, often camping out at locations for weeks at a time in order to fight forest fires. If you've got what it takes to fight blazing infernos and ensure that your community stays safe during fire season, you might find that the profession of wild land firefighter is a job that you can feel passionate about. The hours can be intense and the fires can be scary, but many firefighters who combat forest blazes say that it's the best job that they've ever had.

2. Physician Assistant

As more and more people seek out healthcare plans, physician assistants are going to have their work cut out for them in coming years. For people seeking out a career path that provides job security and challenging work through helping people get better, that is a very good thing indeed. So what does it take to be a successful physician assistant? Finding enjoyment and satisfaction in helping others overcome or treat illnesses is a big part of the job, to be certain, and endurance is another great quality that many physician assistants will likely want to develop: The job involves meeting with a lot of people, many of whom might be a bit grumpy due to illness. That can certainly make for weary work on some days, but for many physician assistants the career is worth it.

3. Human Resources

While settling problems between people isn't everyone's cup of tea, the ability to help people reach a consensus on an issue can be very in-demand in today's workforce. If you have a knack for resolving disputes, a job in human resources might be a career that quickly ends up being your calling. In charge of everything from hiring new employees to helping workers with their problems, human resources professionals are often called upon to help others in a big way, and the human resources career path is often chosen by people who like the prospect of providing people with employment and assistance when they're in need; indeed, the satisfaction of seeing capable people hired on to a company is just one reason that human resource managers love their job.

Problem-solvers will also likely discover many interesting facets in the role of human resources manager; when there are problems in a company, human resources professionals will likely be the first person that people turn to for help. And human resource managers aren't just valued workers within most companies, they're also some of the most highly-paid professionals around, with salaries that often reach six-figures. Not bad for a job that lets you help people and challenge yourself in the bargain!

For these reasons, finding a job that truly helps others can sometimes feel like a difficult process, but with the right information and a bit of exploring, the decision can become much easier to take. For those who seek out careers that gives back and provide a sense of satisfaction for a job well-done, the rewards are numerous. Above all else, enjoy the process of finding your dream career; you might just find a new passion for your work that you never knew you had!