High paying jobs 2019

These are some of the highest paying jobs in 2019

When a person is looking at careers they want to find one that will pay them a lot of money. These are some of the highest paying jobs in 2019.

Truck Driving

The best truck driver job can pay a person around $80,000 a year. They only need a training program but no degree is required. A person can make good money and travel the country at the same time.


The average salary for this medical professional is 356,000. This is the highest paying job in the United States. This doctor will specialize in working on the heart. The cardiologist will be able to perform surgeries and they will help people with other heart-related health issues. They need to be highly trained and very precise when they are operating on the heart.


This is another job in the medical professional. A person in this field will need many years old schooling and they will be able to help a person in surgery. They will need to give drugs to the patient to put them in a sleep-like state so they will not feel pain and will allow the doctor to perform their work. The average salary is $209,000 a year.


This is another doctor that has great responsibilities. They will perform anything from yearly checkups to delivering babies. They will need to know about childbirth and the reproductive system. The average salary is $208,000 a year.


This mental health professional needs to hold a doctorate and they will do more than ask a person how they feel. They need to be able to diagnose various mental health conditions. They need to help treat these conditions, manage medications, and help the patient determine if the treatments are helping. They also do counseling and in some cases work with law enforcement. They make on average $208,000 a year. This may vary based on if they work in a hospital or a private practice.

Petroleum Engineer

This engineer will need to find ways to extract the oils from reservoirs and they will need to help find the oil deposits within the Earth. They will need to gather and review data and will need to find both safe and cost-effective ways to get this oil. They may an average of $133,000 a year.

Marketing Manager

Buying and selling is still a big responsibility and is still a big business. The marketing manager will help develop the price for different items and what they can sell for. They need to help the company make the highest profit while still meeting the needs of the customer. They also need to do market research to make sure all customers are happy with the products or the services that they are purchasing. There are over 22,000 open positions and they can make around $132,000 a year.

Financial Manager

The financial manager needs to make sure the business is making money and they are setting a profit. They need to prepare and review financial reports and develop ways for the company to see an increase in profits over the long run. They need to make sure a business complies with all laws and regulations including tax laws. There are going to be over 108,000 jobs open in this field and they make an average of $125,000 a year to look at the finances.

These are some of the best paying jobs in 2019. They do require that a person stick with their education and some of these jobs are rather stressful. A person can make a nice living and they will be set working in any of these professions.