Google Wants to Help People Suffering from "Negative News Fatigue"

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Google has always had a love/hate relationship with the news media...

Google has always had a love/ hate relationship with the news media and apparently the company thinks that it's delivering too much bad news. The company said it will provide readers a means to acquire positive stories.

By Greg Sandoval

  • For people who are suffering from what Google called "negative news fatigue," those who use Google Assistant can now say "Hey Google, tell me something good."
  • Google Assistant will then provide a brief summary of stories about "people who are solving problems for our communities and our world."
  • Google obtains the stories from the Solutions Journalism Network, a nonpartisan non profit that Google says is "dedicated to spreading the practice of solutions journalism."

Google seems to believe that people are getting too much bad news from the media and that it may not be good for them.

On Tuesday, the search company said in a blog post that because people may be suffering from "negative news fatigue," it has now programmed Google Assistant to provide some sunshine into their lives.

Users of the digital assistant can now say, "Hey Google, tell me something good," and the software will provide a summary of what the company considers "good news."

This "good news" will come from a wide range of sources and be collected by the Solutions Journalism Network, a nonpartisan, nonprofit group that Google said is "dedicated to spreading the practice of solutions journalism, which highlights how problems are solvable."

Google suggested that the positive news delivered won't be trivial or Pollyannish.

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