Freelance Careers That Pay Well and You Can Do From Home

Career Options for people wanting the freedom to work from home

Many people are looking for opportunities where they can be their boss. Many people choose freelance work. They can work on their schedule and accept the projects they are interested in. These are some of the best paying freelance jobs that a person can do from home.


If a person has an understanding of developing a brand and online marketing including social media they can get a nice rate. The average freelance marketing professional makes between $46 and $52 an hour. They will help develop logos for brands, run a social media profile for the brand, and help develop strong relationships with customers. This will allow a person to work on a flexible schedule and they may be able to turn this into a long term project.

Web Developer

A freelance web developer can make a lot of money building websites for their customers. They will make sure that the site is up and running properly. They will also help code the site and make sure that a user has a positive experience when they are on the website. This job will allow a person to use their creativity and work around their schedule.

Voice Acting

If a person has a pleasant voice they can work as a voiceover actor and find work as a freelancer. A person can earn as much as $72 lending their voice to a character. They can work in advertising and many people will respond to the sound of a pleasant voice.


If a person has an eye for working with new talent and adding talent to a company they can work as a freelance recruiter. This recruiter will review resumes and conduct interviews using a web application to find new hires for a company. It is less expensive for a company to work with a freelancer then hire someone in house to do the recruiting. This job pays an average of $46 an hour without having to leave home.


If a person has an eye for lighting and can capture the shot at the right moment there are plenty of opportunities to work as a freelance photographer. A person can take their pictures and post them on the internet stores. It may take some time but once their photography becomes popular they can charge a higher rate per picture.

Internet Security

It is important to stay safe online. Internet security is a big issue and many companies are looking for ways that they can stay safe. An internet security person can make over $50 an hour making sure that a website is running properly and look for popular data breaches. If a person knows about this they can work in the freelance area and they will be able to monitor several companies at one time.

Legal Work

If a person has experience in the legal field they can work online and answer legal questions. There is plenty of freelance work online for a lawyer. They can charge around $100 an hour or they can charge a flat rate by the question. The site will hire the freelancer and they will answer legal questions in their area of expertise. This is great if a person has the training and credentials but they do not want to put in 50 hours or more a week than the average lawyer does.

These are some high paying freelance jobs that a person can do without having to leave their home. All they need is an internet-enabled device and a stable connection and they can make a nice hourly rate or rate per project working at home.