Founder of Pencils Of Promise Launches MissionU To Innovate Higher Education & Leave You Debt Free

Introducing MissionU, a new form of post-secondary education providing quality career prep in high growth industries, with a focus on collaborating and creating powerful lifelong networks. MissionU is a one-year program that leaves you debt-free. Instead of paying high tuition fees or taking out a l

Although the one-year program is available online, instead of listening to pre-recorded lectures, students are engaged through real-time virtual classrooms, and monthly in-person meetings to strengthen teamwork and grow a sense of community. The program also includes experience with actual companies, dealing with real client projects.

MissionU’s one-year program was actually crafted with guidance from real professors at universities such as Harvard and Stanford! The goal of the program is to help students walk away debt-free, with a resume full of relevant experience, the foundations needed for a successful career, and a universally valuable skill set for the 21st century.

The program is now accepting applications nationwide. The MissionU team has identified target cities throughout the United States, but student demand will determine where they expand to next.

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This is an awesome program. In many professions and career paths (if not all), real experience trumps sitting in a classroom