Expand Your Mindset and Your Money Will Follow

Money can be challenge for many people, so here are some tips to help you get your finances together.

Everyone wants to be financially secure. It’s one thing to pay your bills, but being able to save money and watch it grow provides a sense of ease that is invaluable in today’s world. If you are stuck in between wanting to save and needing to pay bills, there are many financial resources available, some literally at your fingertips. Along with more common solutions, like loans, credit cards, and credit repair, there are others, such as apps and over overall lifestyle changes, that can help establish financial security.

Credit Cards

Credit cards, if used responsibly, can help build credit scores, build businesses, and even help in personal financial emergencies. If you work it into your budget and avoid spending above your means, credit cards can be a handy tools in managing a budget. Even though they are a staple of many budgets, credit cards are often misused, resulting in people spending outside their means. Some credit card companies even give advice on how to use credit responsibly. Discover, for example, suggests avoiding debt, making on-time payments, and paying attention to your account statements.

However, if you find yourself in need of credit repair services, there are many out there that are helpful and affordable. Such companies take care of certain tasks one might not think of, or be able to do on their own. Such tasks as fixing customers’ credit report mistakes and utilizing legal loopholes are a good start at getting your head above water and begin saving more, and will expedite one’s deliverance from the world of debt.


A new medium of sorts, a good number of apps have become available that help smartphone users manage their money. Apps such as Acorns and Stash help users put away and even invest their money. For example, Stash helps the customer invest in mutual funds, start a retirement account, and even checking accounts. Research the apps before giving out your financial information and only do so if you trust them 100%.


Like credit cards, loans can help you pay bills, except in potentially larger sums. There are a number of institutions out there that can help you in this area, and not all of them are ‘big banks.’ For example, credit unions, since they are more regional, will be more vested in your interest in becoming financially secure.

Life style

Changing how you live can help you consistently save money. Associating with people who have common interests and goals will not only help you be happier, it could make you money. It sounds crass, but, put another way, if you are around people who choose to walk into rush hour traffic, wouldn’t you stop associating with those people? A good place to start is to find an online community made up of people with similar goals who are focused on saving and money in general. For example, check out podcasts (‘How to Money’ is a podcast on horror which the hosts get together over microbrews and talk finance). Podcasts like that one have followers and oftentimes who often exchange ideas and tips on social media. Be around people who are interested in making, keeping, and growing their money and want to help others do the same, and your attitude about spending will slowly change.

The key to improving your financial situation is to change your mindset. There is no sense in getting your debt paid off if there is a likelihood that you will be in debt again in the near future. Be honest with yourself and create new habits and you will not only start to save money short term, you will be in it for the long haul. “Get real, and then you’re taking control,” says Nicole Lapin, financial advisor and Bloomberg anchor.

You can improve your financial situation even if you have less money than the ‘other guy.’ Making and saving money is as simple as enlisting the help of some unconventional methods, such as Apps, credit cards, credit repair, loans and an overall lifestyle change. If followed, they are among some of the simplest solutions to becoming more financially secure over a longer period of time.