Don't Just Leave, Leave In Style

Write a resignation letter when you have got your new job offer.

Write a resignation letter when you have got your new job offer. The point when you come to write your resignation letter can represent a difficult period of time.

Writing a resignation letter isn't always easy - you need to handle it professionally or it could have a serious impact on your career in the future.

Resist any temptation to sound off about any grievances you held or where they can stick their job, the short-lived satisfaction really is not worth the possible consequences, so think carefully when you write a resignation letter.

Try this for an example:

Dear Bill

Letter of Resignation

As you know I’ve been keen to develop my career in B2B sales and have been offered a superb opportunity after that I connect to and edit resumes, which will give me a small team to manage plus a couple of Key Accounts. I am therefore giving you the required one calendar month's notice of resignation and will leave the company on 31st October 2010.

I will of course ensure that all my work is up to date and do all I can to help a smooth handover before I leave. If you need assistance with training a replacement I will be pleased to assist you during my remaining time.

Thank you for your guidance over the last 4 four years; although sad to be leaving, I have enjoyed working with you.

Best Regards,

Eddie Hartley.

Or You Could do It This Way

When you are ready to resign, why not write a resignation letter with style.

You don't have to just cover the minimum you are required to under the terms of your contract when you write a resignation letter, you can go further and resign with style.

Of course, you could just write your resignation letter and say that you are giving your notice of resignation and that you will be leaving on a certain date, but where is the fun in that?

So let me show you how to write a resignation letter and how to resign with style.

Of course they need to know the basics when you leave and you need to be sure of meeting your contractual terms, but that that shouldnt prevent you from being able to resign with style.

Now lets say you weren't happy and couldn't wait to leave the miserable job; what you probably want to do is tell your boss to stick the job and where you'd like him to shove it. That might give you a small shiver of pleasure, but it would be very shortlived and soon forgotten. Whats more you then effectively close every door that may have given you a way back if you should ever need it. So DON'T DO IT.

Far better to cover the formal bits by saying " as required I am giving one month/ three month's notice of my resignation and will leave on 31st August 2011". Always address your letter to your immediate boss by name, so its a personal letter of resignation.

Then you can have some fun with your letter saying something like this " there are many things I would like to say about working with you, getting to know you and your management style, but suffice it to say, I will be taking that experience with me to the new job".

This can be interpreted in two ways:

1.The genuine boss will have received a compliment - you have learned something positive for the future;

2.The bad, arrogant boss will think he has received a compliment, but you will have learned what to avoid in the future.

Only you will know the reality of which it was. This is one way of how to write a resignation letter and to resign with style.