All Part Time Jobs are Not Worth While

There have been off-putting penalties of different jobs. Sometimes, you think about some job that would have been better

There have been off-putting penalties of different jobs. Sometimes, you think about some job that would have been better, if you had not done that job. Whenever someone is facing an economic dilemma, the acquaintances advise for doing part time jobs. The advice is not always worthwhile, as few of the jobs actually cost more than their earnings.

To authenticate my above statement, I would like to share one of my personal experiences:

Personal Experience

Couple of years back when I was going through a considerable economic crisis, I thought about the part time job of news paper delivery or writer some as writing a case study a for college or university. Over the period of time, the trend of distributing news papers by a local kid has been replaced totally by the adults doing this job in cars

It seems a really good option for earning a more than $1000 a month for early morning job, i.e. completed between 6.30 to 7 a.m. It would not therefore, hinder my regular job. Nonetheless, you won’t be able to comprehend some jobs, until you start to do these.

News Paper Delivery Job

The early morning meant 2.30 a.m. Monday through Thursday. It was rather earlier from Friday to Sunday. One Friday, it was 2 a.m. and 1.30 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday. I came in for few hours on Saturday afternoon collect the Sunday ad supplements. Since, I had to reach at shop by midnight, so there was a little chance of going to bed on Saturday night.

Magnitude of New Papers on Sunday

You probably have no idea of magnitude of getting the brimming Sunday edition, if you have never been occupied in the profession of newspaper delivery.

Part Time or Full Time Job

An average amount of time that I was spending on this job was 35 hours and getting $1000. Actually, I was doing a full time job for part time remuneration.

How Part Time Job Affected My Life

I was working seven days a week, which was quite grueling. My sleep patterns were totally upset, as I was sleeping at the times when I should pay my attention at some other matters. I was snoozing all the time. I felt worn out at family times and other social events.

Increase in Expenses

I was spending hundreds of additional dollars every month on gas and repairs of car, as I was using my own car for job. In fact the car was overloaded with news papers everyday and this worn out car breaks and tires in few weeks.

Heavy Load of Ad Supplements

It was not always the delivery on local news papers only. I also had to deliver the paper of competing news paper companies with free sample products, catalogs and a heavy load of ad supplements. The newspapers accept these jobs in order to offset delivery costs.

It is pointless to mention that Saturday and weekday editions are like Sunday packages of old, stuff with slick ad inserts. I believe that the newspaper companies have taken offering ad space at rates that are something usually close to nothing.

All of this stuff had to be loaded into our family car and delivered at 400 addresses. The Sunday papers had to be delivered in two shifts, because of heavy load of supplements.

I had spent three and half months and I was encountering the problems larger than my economic crisis. My mind and body, my family as well as my car all took a hit during this time period. The financial problems were also not resolved, as per our expectations.

This job most likely cost me more than I earned. It was definitely one of those jobs that were not worth doing.


In reality, neither all the jobs nor all income opportunities are worth accepting. Instead of improving our state of affairs, so even enhance our problems. In a crux, we can say that a situation that cost us money or drench our precious time for every small achievement must be avoided.