5 Women Changing the Face of Entrepreneurship Among Refugees

The Dell Incorporated & United Nation Foundation PolicyHack Winners proposed formulating policies to support and connect co-working spaces and refugee entrepreneurs.

By Mac-Jordan Degadjor

The atmosphere at the Impact Hub Dubai located in Dubai’s renowned downtown district was charged with a lot of innovative ideas from the five teams pitching at the Dell Inc & United Nations Foundation PolicyHack: Innovative Solutions for the Global Goals which took place on February 11, 2017, concurrently as the World Government Summit.

The pitch competition, which focused on how public policy can promote entrepreneurship and advance the Sustainable Development Goals, forced each team to think beyond just ideas but innovative solutions that will tackle global development challenges.

Team One comprising of five women: Maha Al Hamed, Esther Agbarakwe, Lovisa Fhager, Frances Simpson-Allen, Belisa Marochi and Nida Sohail from 5 different countries were judged winners of the #DellPolicyHack.

Image: #DellPolicyHack Winning Team meets to move the winning idea forward. Credit: Esther Agbarakwe (Twitter).

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We all need to respect such people. They deserve it