5 Traits All Business Leaders Have in Common

In this post, we’re going to discuss several important traits that most of the today’s business leaders have in common.

Leadership is a trendy subject nowadays. Many professionals strive to become leaders, and many of them succeed in some measure. However, there’s a significant difference between being a leader and being a great leader…an efficient one. You see, many times, leadership roles are attributed to individuals who don’t possess enough leadership traits.

More than just that, quite a lot of “assigned leaders” don’t truly have that inner drive and those high standards that great leaders do. Therefore, the main difference between average and above average leaders lies in their standards, aspirations, and, most importantly, their traits.

In today’s post, we’re going to discuss several important traits that most of the today’s great business leaders have in common. Without further ado, let’s get started:


Great leaders are self-motivating themselves on a consistent basis. Obviously, because they’re the leaders, the one in charge, they never expect anyone to motivate them. They assume this responsibility and strive hard to keep themselves stimulated and motivated.

Average leaders need external motivation like praises, rewards, or other “bonuses”. That certainly can’t be good for a company, as the leader himself should be the strongest motivator amongst all.

"Self-motivation isn’t that hard to attain; it all starts with the acknowledgment that you have it all in you. Do you need some extra motivation? Start focusing and working on yourself!" - Kevin Trevino, CFO at ResumesPlanet writing service.

High Levels of Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence

There’s quite a difference between self-esteem and self-confidence. A self-confident individual has a lot of faith in his/her abilities to complete a task, succeed with something, win a game, or attract an opposite sex member. Therefore, self-confidence reflects the way you “feel” about your abilities.

Self-esteem, on the other hand, is all about how you feel about yourself overall. It refers to how you appreciate your own worth. Therefore, an individual who has high self-esteem will never feel discouraged during competitions or will never doubt his role in his organization.

Well, great leaders possess both of these qualities. Without them, leading other people would be truly difficult and challenging.


Passion. A mentor of mine once said, “Work with passion so work becomes play”. See…without loving what you do, your professional life will bring a lot of trouble and negative vibes along the way. Back to our difference between leaders and great leaders.

Great leaders are very passionate about leading. They “have it in their blood”, and they’re extremely comfortable doing it. They have the passion of managing other professionals in the best possible manner so that their company will grow and flourish under their eyes.

Emotional Intelligence and Control

Emotional leaders will commit plenty of mistakes that might bring their companies down. To be an extraordinary leader, you need to be in full control. Besides the control over your employees and operations, you must – most importantly – be in control of your own mind and emotions.

Emotional intelligence is not such a common trait amongst today’s leaders. Still, emotional intelligence can grow if the leader is heavily interested in growing it.

Communication & Social Skills

Lastly yet most importantly, communication and social skills represent two significant qualities of a great business leader. The one who leads should be able to effectively communicate with all that he works with. Think about it:

If you can interact in the best possible manner with your employees, won’t you grow in their eyes? How about your clients? If you know how to “take them”, you’re likely to convince more of them to keep buying your products or to keep using your services. Great leaders are great communicators!


Becoming a great leader doesn’t happen overnight. Leadership is truly a journey; each journey comes with ups and downs, with sacrifices and with rewards. Please be aware that attaining leadership greatness requires high levels of commitment, persistence, consistency, and hard work. Are you really up for it?

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Being a business leader is not as easy as it seems at first sight. After all, this is not just leadership but also the proper distribution of priorities.


well this is one hell of a truth :p