5 Businesses Who Treat Employees Right and How You Can Emulate Them

Here are 5 top companies who rank for treating their employees the best.

Sometimes it may feel like we spend more time at work than we do at home, so running a business that knows how to treat their employees right can be a huge goal for execs. Especially as this can lead to longer employee retention and happier employees. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to look at other companies who treat their employees right and see what they’re doing successfully. Here are five of our top businesses who know how to take care of their employees and what you can do to emulate them.

Nu Skin

Based in Provo, UT, Nu Skin really knows how to treat its employees well. Just look up Nu Skin company reviews to see exactly what its employees are saying. From holiday traditions to an on-site gym, Nu Skin has been one of the top when it comes to extra perks for its people. According to Nu Skin company reviews, 100% of employees don’t worry about layoffs, and most believe that taking a job with Nu Skin was a good decision. Not only this, but working for Nu Skin always starts with excellent pay, excellent healthcare coverage and excellent retirement benefits. Getting these kind of Nu Skin company reviews comes from being open and honest with your employees about just about everything in the business so they don't have to have unnecessary fears or worries about their standing.


This may seem like a nu-duh inclusion to our list of businesses who treat employees right but we couldn’t help but to include Google. There’s a reason why Google has such fame around how they treat their employees - they really know how to do it well. Google goes the extra mile to make sure their employees are happy and in ensuring their health. Some of their locations will offer great added perks like physicians, physical therapy, massage services, fitness centers, and more. Offering perks like this can help your employees feel valued, like you care about more than just the work they’re doing--you care about who they are and their well-being.


Another top company who knows how to treat their employees is actually Netflix. For a service that we all love, it’s no wonder that the business takes good care of its employees. Netflix makes their people their priority, and this can be seen in the one year, paid maternity and paternity leave. On top of this, if you aren’t a parent, Netflix lets its employees take time off whenever without having to track it. They work on a results system, so they’re more focused on the work that gets done rather than the hours put in. If you want to shift your own business into more of this focus for your employees, look into a results-only work environment.


In addition to these businesses, another company that knows how to take care of its employees is Nike. In the last couple decades, Nike has really tried to establish better relationships with suppliers and to be more transparent. Additionally, Nike has been ranked number one in the industry for how well it pays its employees and for their top-notch benefits for new parents and workers with ill family members. To emulate a business like Nike, look for ways to show that you care about them even after they leave their desk for the day.


Our last business we’d suggest emulating is Adobe. Adobe has always tried to commit to equal pay for its employees and also had general maternal and paternal leave for new parents. As an industry leader, Adobe has strived to cultivate an environment with eco-friendly policies, something that helps its employees feel like the work they’re doing is beneficial and helpful to the world not just their industry. Look for ways to leave less of a carbon footprint and show your employees that not only do you care about them, but you care about the world they live in.