4 Ways to Connect With Customers That Really Work

How to win the confidence of customers

Business owners and people in sales want to connect with customers, but they often fail to make a meaningful connection. This connection is a crucial part of a successful business, and a healthy business relationship can only ensue once this link is established. The following methods will help you develop a solid relationship with a customer or client.

Customers Must Be Attended to Quickly and Patiently

Establish a relationship as quickly as possible. If you contact customers over email, it’s imperative to reply to customer messages within the hour if possible. Studies suggest that consumers move on after only 10 minutes, and that means response time is crucial. Technology makes people impatient.

In face-to-face situations, it’s also important to attend to customers quickly. Greet them when they enter promptly. A salesperson who allows customers to browse around without help creates no connection, and customers want to feel that a business is attentive to their needs.

Practice Active Listening With Each Customer

Active listening is the art of truly engaging with a customer. There are many components of good active listening, but the essentials should help business representatives create a glowing customer experience. Here are the main concepts:

  • Limit Your Words
  • Focus on Customer Thoughts
  • Summarize Their Thoughts Back to Them
  • Be Kind and Compliment Them

This can be practiced via email or at the workplace. It’s important to restrict yourself from speaking and simply focus on the customer as much as possible. Summarize their thoughts and compliment them in some way. Kindness creates instant connections, but business owners rarely make use of its power.

Make Personal Connections and Establish Relationships

Every person is unique, and they want to be treated that way. One survey found that 60 percent of customers want personalized service, and that means they want companies to know about who they are as an individual. This personal connection is more important to consumers than outstanding customer service issues.

Every business should strive to make personal connections with customers. This means keeping a database filled with information about the likes, dislikes, careers, and hobbies that customers have. When company representatives reach out to a person, they can spend a moment talking about that customer’s daily life. This solidifies the important personal connection.

Follow Up and Thank Your Customers

Most businesses want consumers to return in the future, and that means following up with them after a purchase. When you thank a customer for their business, they automatically think of your business first when a need arises in the future. The trouble is how to do this properly.

Sadly, people do not appreciate letters of appreciation these days. Consumers want a more personalized approach. It’s best to call them, but that could get time-consuming. A token of appreciation can be quite good. Connections are all about making customers happy, and it’s important to show customers that your company truly cares.

Connect With These Four Key Concepts and Grow Your Business

Always attend to customers as quickly as possible, and patiently listen to everything they have to say with active listening skills. Don’t forget to compliment them and summarize their thoughts back to them. Make it a point to collect some personal information, and use it to show customers that you care about who they are and what they do. Finally, thank your customers in a meaningful, personalized, memorable way. Your business should be well on its way to greater success with these principals.