18 Social Innovation and Social Impact Conferences You Can Attend Each Year

We are excited to put together this list of Social Impact Conferences for all the social do gooders around the world. If we missed an event, please let us know about it and we will add it here. Thanks

Buy Good. Feel Good.” is dedicated to building a community of people and organizations who believe that business should have a positive impact on the world. The “Buy Good. Feel Good.” Expo is North America’s largest Expo dedicated to social enterprises. Discover products that make a positive impact, from jewelry and apparel to investment and travel opportunities. Every purchase we make has an impact. Buy Good. Feel Good. connects consumers with the brands that make a difference. Join our Movement and let us change the world, one purchase at a time. See dates and Learn more

Chicago, IL

The Social Innovation Summit is an annual event that is taking place in Chicago and centers on bringing together technology, investment, philanthropy, international development, and business. Some of the world’s most visionary leaders are represented at the Social Good Summit, and they speak to investigate solutions to some of the greatest problems of our time. See dates and Learn more

Los Angeles, CA

The Heart Series is hosted in Southern California, and is a two— day event that facilitates discussions with leaders from the world’s most innovative companies. The event encourages entrepreneurs, as well as organization and brand leaders, to share how business can create a socially good impact in society. See dates and Learn more

Boston, MA

The Harvard Social Enterprise Conference is one of the largest student— run conferences on Harvard’s campus, and one of the leading forums of dialogue in America. The conference strives to unite students, academics, and professionals to discuss the topic of social enterprise. The 2018 conference theme is, “What is the Bottom Line?” with an emphasis on social and political turmoil in order to promote civic engagement through social enterprise. The tracks at this year’s conference include: Startup Society, Unleashing Human Potential, Reimagining Capitalism, and Disruptive Potential. See dates and Learn more

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