Where will these political standpoints take us?

Here are a few of my thoughts regarding political discussions and how they will affect us.

Despite criticisms, most Americans say democracy is functioning well in the United States, though comparatively few say it is working very well. At the same time, there is broad support for making sweeping changes to the political system: 61% say "significant changes" are needed from the basic "design and construction" of American government to make it work for present times. However, there is a mismatch between its views of if they are being fulfilled and the public's goals for American democracy. On 23 measures assessing democracy, the political system and elections in the United States, every widely regarded as very significant by the public -- there are eight on which majorities say the nation is currently doing well. The shortcomings encompass some of the core components of American democracy. Yet just 50% say that this describes the country very or somewhat well; slightly more (50%) say it does not. At a time of growing stress on democracy around the world, Americans generally agree on values and democratic ideals that are important for the USA. But for the most part, they see the nation falling short in living up according to a new study of opinion on the strengths and weaknesses of important aspects of the political system and American democracy. To be certain, there are some positives. A sizable majority of Americans (70%) say the military leadership in the U.S. does not publicly support one party over another, and nearly as many (70%) say the term"people are free to peacefully protest" describes this nation very or somewhat well. The public's criticisms of the political system run the gamut, from a failure to hold elected officials. 13 one of 4,656 adults. It was supplemented by a survey conducted among 1,466 adults on landlines, cellphones, and a doorbell camera with a microphone. The public sends mixed signals about how the American political system should be changed, and no suggestions attract bipartisan support. Yet of lots of the aspects of the system are functioning in opinions, both Republicans and Democrats express dissatisfaction.