What You Need to Know About the 2020 Election

The facts of America's 2020 election so far.

With the near constant onslaught of information in the media, and articles about political candidates, it can be hard to know what to believe. However, now more than ever it can be important to stay informed and know the facts about what is happening politically. This can be especially true if you are unclear about who you might vote for this election, or are even considering not voting at all. Staying informed and aware can not only give you more knowledge about the candidates, but may also allow you to feel more confident about who you might vote for when it comes time to cast your ballot. Here is some information to keep in mind, and to help you navigate all of the things you read or see in the news this 2020 election season.

The Republican Party

As many know, Donald Trump will be running for President for the Republican Party the 2020 election. While there may have been some news-making scandals coming from Trump's office over the years, there are still many in the Republican Party that would like to see him re-elected. Even though he has been dealing with the prospect of impeachment recently, and his approval ratings seem to have lowered since the beginning of his time in office, there are still many Trump supporters who would like to see him in the oval office for another term, which could potentially make the upcoming presidential race a tighter one than some may think.

Top Democratic Candidates

At this point in the election, there are still many active candidates in the Democratic Party. The three most popular currently are Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. However, because of recent events, Elizabeth Warren may be the most popular of the three. While Joe Biden initially may have been the front runner, some recent scandals that have made news may have had a negative impact on his popularity. Bernie Sanders, another popular contender, has faced some health issues of late, which have lead some to wonder if he is healthy and young enough to be a good candidate. Because of these recent events, Elizabeth Warren seems to have begun to look like a more suitable candidate.

Runners Up

After the top three, there are many interesting candidates that appear to have potential. One of these is Kamala Harris, who is a first-term senator from California. Because she seems to have a broad platform, she appeals to many mainstream Democrats. Pete Buttigieg is another candidate who appears to be getting voters' attention. Being relatively young and openly gay, Buttigieg seems to be looking to appeal to many younger voters and to those in the midwest in particular. Beto O'Rourke is yet another popular candidate who seems to have been generating buzz this election since he announced he was running in March. Tulsi Gabbard, who has represented Hawaii in the U.S. House, is also a candidate to keep your eye on, as well as Julian Castro, who was the Mayor of San Antonio, Texas in the past.

The Bottom Line

There are multiple candidates to keep track of this election season, many of them not only have interesting backgrounds but also appear to be developing unique solutions for this country's current issues. Also, it is important to be aware that things can change quickly when it comes to an election. A candidate that is doing well one week could be out of the picture by the next, for many different reasons.

So, whether you consider yourself a Republican, Democrat, Independent or something else, it can be important to follow the ups and downs of the prospective presidential candidates. With so much information, and frequent changes occurring, making a point of staying abreast of what is going on can not only give you some confidence in your political knowledge, but also make it easier for you to make an informed decision when it's finally time to vote.