Trump Green Lights Arctic Drilling Project in Polar Bear Habitat

The Trump administration released an environmental review Thursday of Hilcorp Alaska's Arctic offshore drilling development. Hilcorp plans to build a 9-acre artificial island and 5.6-mile pipeline in the Beaufort Sea for its offshore drilling project.

The Trump administration's draft environmental impact statement proposes to greenlight the dangerous drilling plan, which would be a first for federal waters in the Arctic.

Previous Arctic project studies have warned that offshore drilling in those remote, treacherous waters carries a 75 percent chance of a major oil spill. Concerns about the Liberty project were heightened this year when Hilcorp struggled for months to fix leaks in its underwater pipelines in Cook Inlet and meet basic regulatory requirements.

"Arctic offshore drilling can't be done safely, particularly by this company. The icy, stormy waters make Arctic drilling inherently hazardous, and Hilcorp has a history of spills and regulatory violations," said Kristen Monsell, an attorney with the Center for Biological Diversity. "Polar bears, bowhead whales and other imperiled Arctic species will be in terrible danger if the Trump administration allows this reckless project to move forward."

Dipika Kadaba / Center for Biological Diversity

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Trump is a deregulator like President. Regan. Regan broke Unions to make money. Trump will change environment laws to make money. There new angle is all weather experts on news shows say they believe in climate change, but it can't be fixed. He's a man on a mission for the oil people. Posting about climate change has become a full time news media war which hurts the scientific community in many ways.


An entirely predictable as well as wholly questionable decision.



Every single day it seems, I wake up to the madness of Trump. He is destroying our quality of life and rolling back environmental and human rights protections.
Today, I woke up to this as well: "Trump Eliminates Plastic Water Bottle Ban in National Parks".
All absurd.