The roof is caving in on the NRA

Last week, in less than three days, 16 major corporations broke their ties to the NRA.

These corporations all said "enough" and canceled their deals with the NRA:

United Airlines. Delta. Enterprise Rent-a-Car. MetLife Insurance. North American Van Lines. Simplisafe Home Security.

Some Republican governors and members of Congress are finally standing up to the NRA as well, with new supporters coming out in favor of everything from an assault weapons ban to universal background checks and raising the age limit on gun purchases.

The backlash against the NRA is growing, and the next big moment to turn up the pressure is the wave of student-led marches and walkouts scheduled for this March and April.

Go students! Well done!
It's up to all of us to keep it going.

Arming our teachers is not the way we want to see our society evolve.
Nor should our 'leader' be promoting more arms.
Do we want to progress? Or regress?