Is America great again for the working class?

As State of the Union nears, is America great again for the working class?

i: Donald Trump and vice-president Mike Pence tour the Carrier factory in Indianapolis, after winning the 2016 election. Photograph: Evan Vucci/AP

BY: Dominic Rushe in New York

Donald Trump has painted himself a champion of workers, and will probably do so again next week. But the record tells a different story.

Few parts of the American body politic have been analysed as thoroughly as the love affair between a certain section of America’s working class and Donald Trump. And as the president prepares to give his first State of the Union speech on Tuesday, American workers are likely to hear once again how well they have fared under his presidency.

An analysis of the record tells a different story.

If you take the view from the White House or Republicans in Capitol Hill, America is great again. The US added 2.1m jobs in 2017 as the unemployment level fell to an 18-year low. Stock markets have boomed, pushed up in part by Trump’s promised tax cuts.

For Trump’s supporters, the figures prove he is making good on his promises. Massive corporations have shared (small) portions of their share of Trump’s $1.5tn tax windfall to their employees. America should be sick of winning!

Yet the recovery in the jobs market is slowing after one of the longest growth streaks in history and problems remain. And the record-busting rise in share prices has also been fueled by an unprecedented era of low interest rates, an era that is also coming to an end.

Shareholders and CEOs may have done very well out of Trump’s first year in office. But workers’ rights, says lobby group Good Jobs Nation in a new analysis, have been systematically attacked in a way that will affect labour for decades to come.

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We need to improve our economic conditions, but arguably more important is getting people back into the workforce. We're still at low labor force participation rates, despite the fact that there are millions of jobs unfilled. We have to fix that cultural problem where able-bodied adults are not working.


Well for me its getting worse day by day