A Flourishing New Future for Politics Through Younger Viewpoints

Over the last three years, political awareness has risen among the younger generation, which has changed our way of life

In the last three years and especially after the 2016 presidential election, there has been a steady rise in political awareness. All of us here in America, and especially the younger generations who are becoming the age to vote for the first time, has taken notice of the broad ways life has changed here. As with the more adult group of people, a small amount of the younger population seems to also have a negative divide on which side their beliefs of our American values falls on.

Democrats View on How Millennials and Generation Z Could Help Save Our Dying Democracy

For this reason, the two political parties seem to be split more than ever before. The Democratic party has tried to keep solid views and policies as the focus of their agenda while the Republican party, namely the Majority leader Mitch McConnell, buries them without consideration as soon as they are presented on the Senate floor. As there has always been a somewhat separated vision from the parties, it now seems that the divide has widened so much more under President Trump that it may be the end of any bi-partisan policy passes.

Taking these facts into consideration when thinking about the future of America, many Democrats more than Republicans feel that it will be in the hands of our Millennials and Generation Z citizens to change our dire outcome. They believe that if these two generations become more involved in the political processes which drive our country, then we could succeed in stopping the backward agenda of this new Republican party. These young people are already taking a stand to do just that.

The Political Agendas That are Most Relevant to Millennials and Generation Z

On the Democrat side, we not only have a substantial number of millennials sitting in the House of Representatives now, but Generation Z is also taking a stand to change partisan political outcomes. A few of the agendas that they are attempting to bring focus to are:

  • Gun Control - Unfortunately, Generation Z has had to learn the hard way of the toxicity of a country that has focused on an amendment that is interpreted in two different ways. The Democrats view it as a written right to bear arms, but feel like in today's world of violence with a continuing occurrence of school shootings and deaths, more laws should be put in place to save lives from mentally unstable persons. Generation Z agrees with this stance. Some have been in the middle of this type of violence and feel compelled to travel and bring awareness to the effects it has had on them. Even so, with this president and his Republican administration still with the highest rank in the Senate, they are disputing the obvious problem of people with mental health issues and the types of guns such as semi-automatics to be the apparent causes of these types of dangers.

  • Environmental Issues - President Trump has continually downplayed scientists' research on how certain things that humans do contribute to our climate change. This includes growing household plastic waste and big corporation pollutions. Science has determined that both are substantial parts of the problem. However, our current president is under the impression that he knows more than the scientists' do and has taken us out of the Paris Climate Agreement which works with America's allies to find ways to regulate the number of emissions that are used.

Having Faith in the Ability of Our Younger Population Showing Us the Way Back to Normalcy

Even though we are experiencing major dilemmas here in America, it is always good to keep in mind that we are still a very prosperous country with many attributes in our favor. Therefore, a lot of college students have joined the gap year program which gives them opportunities to travel abroad to volunteer and help less fortunate ways of life. This, in turn, establishes a renewed appreciation for America, but also makes them want to be more involved in the obstacles we need to overcome in order to make America an even better nation.

For all the progress that has been suppressed by this new type of administration, all is not lost to their hopeless agenda. Today, we have a growing number of younger voters and leaders coming to the forefront to fight for not only our country, but for the entire world in instances as gun violence and climate concern. As these two years of the Trump Administration has worked to delete all of our hope, it is the young people today who have been working tirelessly to "trump" them all.