What’s The Point? 5 Reasons Why Ocean Conservation Needs Hope

If you're ever feeling hopeless about the fate of our planet, here's a quick reminder why not all is lost.

This goes out to everyone connected to the sea: the surfers, scientists, fishermen, divers, and concerned citizens around the world.

To the people who understand marine environments firsthand, and know that human actions are changing something as incredibly vast and endless as the ocean.

I ask you this one question, what’s the point in working to protect the ocean?

The ocean is sick:

  • Plastic is choking every corner of the planet.
  • We’re causing the 5th mass extinction on Planet Earth, the last one since an asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs.
  • At this point, there’s no stopping climate change.
  • And the world always seems to be preoccupied with something less important.

So why should we keep working to help something that garners scant attention and seems to be on a continued and accelerating downward spiral?

The Point

Here’s the point:

Simply put, there is still something left to save.

If you ever find yourself feeling gloomy with a negative outlook towards the hope of a healthy Ocean, here’s 5 reasons why you should put your head down and keep going forward:

1. Your actions do make a difference!

No action is too small. Whether it’s something as simple as changing a bad habit and using less plastic everyday, to picking up garbage when you walk by it on the beach. Every single action we take not only directly helps the ocean, but also indirectly influences the way other people think.

If someone sees you pick up a piece of trash, or ask for no straw with your drink, they might start a conversation with you about it, or better yet, follow your lead.

The world may be big and overpopulated, but that doesn’t mean that one action can’t spark a fire in our society and change the norm.

Photo: Kris Mikael Krister/Unsplash