usually I tell the story of the smaller animals in my underwater films, this time I went BIG.

In the last 50 years alone, we demolished more than 90% of sharks population world-wide. We seem to still not understand that killing the sharks is killing our oceans.

I had to go and meet these animals in person before they are no more. I was already working in Fiji, so I traveled to Beqa Lagoon where the locals hand feed the sharks.

I’m not a fan of feeding, but it’s better than killing them. It was such an adrenalin rush, being face to face with sharks, in a way that could never happen otherwise. I know that sharks don’t eat people and I already approach every animal with the utmost respect, especially when they are 2-3 times my size, so I went diving without a cage or any protection.

I found myself surrounded by 12ft Bull sharks and even got a kiss from a 16ft female Tiger shark…. Twice.

These animals are not stupid fish nor aimless killing machines as we like to think. in fact , they are very smart and graceful.

Enjoy the video and help spread the word.

For almost three decades, Ziggy Livnat, MFA, has worked as a professional artist using underwater filmmaking, photography and collaborations with musicians to create educational entertainment connecting marine life with audiences worldwide. Ziggy has devoted his career to the protection of marine environments with the making of several award winning underwater films. His photographs can be found in publications such as National Geographic and Advanced Diver Magazine.

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hmm the beauty lies under the sea <3