Three Japanese Ships Kill 177 Whales During Annual Pacific Ocean Hunt

Japan has completed its whaling season in the northwest Pacific Ocean having killed 177 whales.

Three ships, which left port in June, caught 43 minke whales and 134 sei whales.

Japan’s fisheries agency said it would collect data on the whales’ stomach contents and report its findings to the International Whaling Commission.

The annual hunt remains highly controversial.

While Japan is a signatory to the IWC’s moratorium on whale hunting, Tokyo exploits a loophole each year by saying its hunt is conducted for scientific research.

Critics say the research is actually a cover for commercial whaling, as the meat from the harpooned mammals is later sold.

Photo: Christin Khan/NOAA/NEFSC/Wikimedia Commons (CC0)

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This is horrific. I know that Sea Shepherd Global and Capt Paul Watson are working extremely hard to put a final stop to these cruel hunts the Japanese do each year.