This Is Why Antarctic Seas Have Been So Resilient to Climate Change

New research shows that currents around Antarctica pull deep, pristine water to the surface, cooling the seas and preventing the warming seen in other waters around the world.

The waters surrounding Antarctica have stayed at roughly the same temperatures while the seas in other parts of the world have been slowly warming.
Science has a new solution to the question of why these southern waters may be one of the last places to be affected by climate change.
Research from the University of Washington and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology shows that currents around Antarctica continually pull deep, centuries-old water to the surface.
Image: Antarctica 2013: Journey to the Crystal Desert | Image Credit: Christopher Michel

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Interesting to see that westerly winds are the reason that Antarctica has hardly been affected by Global Warming. I always thought that the hole in the ozone layer at the South Pole would have escalated Global Warming's effects there.