This is how much plastic enters the ocean every 60 seconds

Benjamin Von Wong is notorious for documenting his intrepid adventures and epic photography.

"Photographer Benjamin Von Wong is a master at making things go viral. His breath-taking work, crowdsourced through social media, has the ability to ignite conversations in any setting. Leveraging his craft and his ability to work under any condition, Benjamin uses his work to highlight conservation issues worldwide.His hyper-realistic art style captures the hearts and minds of viewers in a fusion of special effects and innovative concepts specifically designed to go viral and drive conversation. Benjamin's background in engineering gives him a unique edge for creative problem solving, where technical challenges become friendly competition. Fueled by his passion to connect with people, he has an affinity for sharing engaging stories in novel ways. He is currently focused on conservation and social impact projects" : a quote from LEADERS

​Meet Benjamin Von Wong - hear his story HERE.

HIs latest project focuses on plastic-"Our hope with this project was to highlight thereal problem: That unless we stopped plastic at the source, cleanups and recycling alone would never be enough." Read about the idea, the process and volunteers who helped with the project on his blog. Be sure to check out the other stunning videos as well, and "see" how Ben is working to create a visual story of plastic and plastic waste in our world.

"Please join us in asking companies to stop producing so much plastic."

"What we can do as leaders in the space, is to make sure that big companies act more responsibly and stop putting so much plastic out there in the first place." GO HERE to urge big companies to act responsibly.

To learn more about Benjamin's work and other projects. CLICK HERE