Third North Atlantic Right Whale Calf This Season Excites Researchers

A third high endangered North Atlantic Right Whale calf gives researchers hope.

A third North Atlantic right whale calf has been spotted by a state of Florida research team off the coast of northern Florida, giving hope to scientists after a slow start to the season.

“Every calf is exciting,” said Philip Hamilton, research scientist at the Anderson Cabot Centre for Ocean Life at the New England Aquarium.

“This population has been struggling to recover for a long time and in recent years has been hit by increased injury and death. The births are our hope.”

Calving season usually starts in December and lasts until March, with the bulk of the births happening in January and February.

The first calf of this season was spotted on Dec. 28 in the waters between Florida and Georgia, and the second one was seen this past Sunday.

Hamilton said the latest mother had given birth to as many as eight calves before, and is one researchers had been watching since 1982, calling her one of the “most dependable mothers.”

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Photo: NOAA/Wikimedia Commons

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