The Part-Time Heroes Protecting Our Oceans: A Great Big Film Trailer

Sea Shepherd launches new 12-minute film “Part-Time Heroes” about the ordinary people taking extraordinary actions to help save our oceans.

Our oceans are under dire threat. Overfishing, pollution and climate change are decimating the Earth’s most precious natural resource. And if the oceans perish, so do we. To add to this quagmire, the open ocean is a lawless place. Under the U.N. World Charter for Nature, it isn’t up to one country or entity to protect our seas, it’s everyone’s responsibility. That’s where Sea Shepherd comes in. This diverse crew of volunteers from around the world literally put their lives on the line to enforce international conservation law against the illegal fishing industry. In doing so, they hope to help save life as we know it.

Watch the full 12-minute film at

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