Summer Corporate Team Building – Work Together To Save The Oceans!

Meet the team building exercise that will have your organization feeling connected to the ocean this Summer!

We’re talking about working in office teams to reduce our plastic footprint on the oceans.

Around the world the oceans are drowning in plastic pollution. It’s a problem of epidemic proportions that every single one of us has the power to stop, no matter who we are or where we live.

This challenge is simple: divide into teams in your office, and work together to minimize your team’s everyday use of plastic. The team at the end of one month (28 days) who has used the least amount of plastic wins!


Every individual on a team should download this plastic pollution journal to keep track of their individual progress:

A team leader should collect daily totals of plastic used from their team. This information is documented here in the team plastic dataset:

  1. Make an initial estimation of your daily plastic item usage. This is the baseline (your starting number) and what you should be trying to beat each day.
  2. Tally each day how many of each category of plastic you use. You can use a simple tally system to add each item here. Add the tallies together to get a number for total plastic used that day.
  3. After four weeks of tallying your data. It’s time to see your team’s impact! Add up your numbers and divide by 28 to get your daily average for the month.
  4. Email your completed journals to so we can count your impact along with the rest of our global ocean community!
  5. Challenge your friends and family to reduce their plastic footprint this Summer!